Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some of my tripadvisor reviews

The Sugar Factory @ Paris Hotel
“Get a seat on the patio”
5 of 5 starsReviewed February 26, 2012
I went here for dessert and had a seat on the patio. The view is perfect to view the Bellagio fountains. The only thing about that is the music from outside of the Sugar Factory is louder than the fountain music, so it is difficult to hear. The desserts are great and overpriced, but it's Vegas, what do you expect? The variety of desserts is actually overwhelming. The atmosphere is fun and they have all kinds of food, so you can go any time you want.

Sidewalk Cafe @ Bally's
“Drinks aren't included in the breakfast buffet”
3 of 5 starsReviewed February 24, 2012 
This is the typical hotel cafe that serves food all day. Since Bally's doesn't have a dedicated daily buffet, this cafe serves a breakfast buffet for $10.99. You can add orange juice for $2. Coffee is an extra $2.99. It seems like a good deal at first especially considering that everything else on the menu is about that price. The buffet itself is okay. One day they had pancakes and they were terrible. Another morning they had mini waffles and they were good. The buffet is not extensive but it does the trick. It's comparable to a Hilton Garden Inn type of buffet.

Le Village Buffet @ Paris Hotel
“Still good French food”
5 of 5 starsReviewed February 24, 2012 
I ate here once before about 7 years ago and was blown away by the quality then. I went again this week and it's still very good. It's an even greater value if you buy the 24 hour buffet pass. I ate here for dinner with a party of 9 and it was no problem getting a table. The crepe station is awesome with both savory and sweet crepes. Make sure to look at the entire buffet line all the way to the bathroom so you don't miss anything.

Spice Market Buffet @ Planet Hollywood
“Tasty breakfast”
4 of 5 starsReviewed February 24, 2012 
I ate here for breakfast as part of the 24 hour buffet pass. There is a huge selection and it is all pretty good. I would advise that you look at everything first because for example they have potatoes many different ways (steak fries, potato pancakes, hashbrowns etc) in several different locations.

“Better than expected”
3 of 5 starsReviewed February 24, 2012 
I booked this hotel at something like $72+ tax/night with my total rewards card. I stayed Monday through Thursday and was given a room in the North Tower even though I booked the South Tower. The room was very nice and much nicer than expected. It's about the same as an MGM Grand room from about 7 years ago. One thing about the room is that because the windows are old, the room gets really hot if your room faces south like mine did. The air conditioning can't keep up. I can't imagine what it would be like in the middle of summer. Actually the room never felt all that comfortable. It was either stuffy or hot. It could've been my room though. It seems like this hotel gets a lot of convention/meeting business since it is connected to Paris. The overall experience here was good and it's a very good value especially since they don't charge the absurd Vegas resort fee. The location is great even though the hotel is a bit dated and tired. The shuttle to the Rio Hotel is convenient and runs every 30 minutes.

World Carnival Buffet @ Rio
“The choices are overwhelming”
5 of 5 starsReviewed February 24, 2012 
I hadn't eaten here in about 9 years until this week. It's still very good. I ate here with the 24 hour buffet pass. There are so many choices that you can't possibly eat everything. I tried to work my way from one end to the other but got sidetracked by some of the offerings because the quality was so good. I was not impressed with the desserts though. Everyone liked the gelato, but the cakes and other sweets weren't as great as everything else. They were good but not great. Take a look at the whole buffet line before deciding on what to eat.

Las Vegas with the (Hawaii) family

Last week I spent 4 days with some members of my dad's side of the family in Las Vegas. Here are the nuts and bolts of that trip:

Day 1:
All 9 of us arrive around noon
Checked-in to Bally's north tower rooms
Everyone gambles until dinner
Dinner at Subway with my cousin (the only other person in our group close to my age)
Local improv show at the Onyx Theater with my cousin (the best $7 entertainment in LV)
Dessert at the Sugar Factory at Paris Hotel with my cousin
Everyone else gambles until midnight

Day 2:
Breakfast at the Sidewalk Cafe at Bally's with everyone
Some of us head downtown to the Fremont to gamble
Lunch at the Paradise Cafe at the Fremont
Drive back to Bally's
My uncle, cousin, and I exercise at the hotel formerly known as the Hilton
Dinner at the Paris Le Village Buffet with everyone
Everyone else gambles at Paris and Bally's until midnight

Day 3:
Breakfast at Planet Hollywood Spice Market Buffet with everyone
Some of the group stays to gamble at Planet Hollywood
My uncle, cousin, and I head to Wynn/Encore after walking around Planet Hollywood and Bally's.
We eat a snack at the Wynn
We go to the former Hilton and my cousin and I go to the spa while uncle exercises
Dinner at Rio World Carnival buffet
My cousin and I meet up with a friend for a drink at a local bar
Go back to Bally's
Everyone else gambles until midnight

Day 4:
Breakfast at Sidewalk Cafe at Bally's with everyone
Pack and check-out
Drive back to OC

I'm sure you noticed the pattern of the compulsive gambling that everyone does and eating. I get bored gambling that much and I was glad to spend so much time not gambling with my uncle and cousin who don't gamble at all.

I will post some of the reviews I wrote for tripadvisor: