Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travel Day: LGB - SFO

This afternoon I traveled from Long Beach to San Francisco on JetBlue. I really like this airline and our plane was quite new. It was a special soccer paint scheme which was very cool. We were parked next to the I ❤ NY plane too.

JetBlue has free xm radio and direct tv at each seat. It's pretty good. I have never had a bad experience on JetBlue but I have also never flown them outside of California. On the intra-California flights I have been on, they always give free drinks and snacks. They don't seem to nickel and dime their passengers like other airlines. Also the first checked bag is free. Apparently the Long Beach airport is undergoing a large terminal construction project. It's such a tiny airport and it will be refreshing to have a terminal that is not in a trailer as it is now.

Arriving in SFO was great and JetBlue uses the very nice international terminal there. It couldn't be easier or more convenient especially if you needed to take the BART because the station is right in the international terminal.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Britain's Bath

I saw this article and it reminded me of my first trip to England. It was the first country in Europe I had ever been to and I fell in love with all things British even though I have loved their music since childhood. This was in early 2001 and I remember booking a tour through some website for this day trip to Bath. There was the foot and mouth outbreak in the UK and Stonehenge was closed to the public for a while. Well, this was during our trip there, so our tour took us near Salisbury Hill, like the Peter Gabriel song, and through Avebury, where there are similar stones right throughout this tiny village. We stopped at a pub in Avebury for a coffee and then headed to Bath. We arrived there sometime after noon and went right to the Roman bath. It's a museum with an audio tour thing. It was really interesting and considering it was over 2000 years old, it was probably the oldest building/ruin I had ever seen. After the tour we were able to walk around the town, which is quaint and quite old. We ate a place called All Bar One, which our tour guide described as "dead cool." To this day we still use that phrase.

There's a bit of pop trivia that our tour guide mentioned that I now kind of think she made up. But it had something to do with the children's choir on the Rolling Stones' song "You can't always get what you want." Either they performed at Bath Abbey and it inspired Mick Jagger or something. I tried googling it, but nothing turns up. I am thinking that he got the idea for using a choir on that album in Bath. I don't know. It also doesn't really matter.  

Bath from above: an elevated guide to Britain’s most beautiful city

Saturday, March 24, 2012

SFO Terminal 3 goes back to square 1 | Niko Kyriakou | Peninsula | San Francisco Examiner

So the old Continental left Terminal 1 at SFO to go to Terminal 3 to join United and now they are moving flights back to Terminal 1. That should make connections fun. Apparently flights to/from Southern California will be at Terminal 1. The logic is that most passengers will not be connecting.

SFO Terminal 3 goes back to square 1 | Niko Kyriakou | Peninsula | San Francisco Examiner