Thursday, May 4, 2017

LAX to Sonoma County's Schulz Santa Rosa Airport and Back

I had a very quick trip up to Sonoma for just one night. I chose to fly Alaska Airlines because they have non-stops to Santa Rosa from LAX. They have only 1 flight per day to Orange County (SNA) and I couldn't make the flight times work with my schedule. I haven't flown on Alaska in ages and these Santa Rosa flights are actually operated by Horizon Air Q400s, which is an aircraft that I have never flown on before. It turned out to be a very comfortable plane. My flight left around 1:30p.

This was my view from the Alaska Lounge in LAX terminal 6
I was getting water and heard a familiar voice and it was Al Michaels. He's in the sunglasses.

View of AS 737-800 from the lounge

Part of the lounge

View of the bar area in the lounge

Walking out to my Q400

It's rare to walk out to your plane at LAX

View from seat 20A, the last 

Adequate legroom for a short 1 hour 15 min flight

Full flight

Leaving terminal 6

A Qatar 777-200LR in from Doha

Flying over the SF bay and SFO in the distance

The Golden Gate Bridge

Another Alaska Q400 from Seattle

At STS they deplane through both front and rear doors

I was done in Sonoma around 4:00p and was at the STS airport by 4:30p. My flight wouldn't leave until about 6:00p. So I ate dinner at the restaurant at the airport. They didn't let people through security until after 5:30p. There is nothing past security except a waiting room, restrooms, 2 vending machines, and a shadeless patio. It was in the low 90's that day and was too hot to stand outside. 

My plane was the only one here

Using the rear stairs again

The flight was about half full

Leaving the terminal

Making a U-turn south

Got to love free beer and wine on Horizon

Landing with a United 737-800

Foggy and cold evening at LAX

One last look at my plane

Monday, May 1, 2017

JetBlue from Long Beach to San Francisco

I had a quick weekend trip to San Francisco on the first flight out from Long Beach, CA (LGB) to SFO on a Friday morning. The flight left at 6:50a. I was the last person on the plane and we pushed back 10 minutes early. By 6:50a we were at the end of the runway waiting for the flights to be able to takeoff at 7:00a.

The legroom on JetBlue is very generous and I was in the back of the plane. There are seats in the front that have even more legroom than this. 

The return flight to LGB from SFO was at 9:00a. At SFO JetBlue uses the international terminal A and it was busy with lots of people going all over the place.

Back in Long Beach and I deplaned using the rear door. I love deplaning using stairs because you get to walk under the wing or pretty close to it.