Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7 Activities That Could Get You Jailed (or Killed) While Traveling

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1: TRANSPORTING DRUGS, SOUTHEAST ASIA - There was a movie made about this. I think in Singapore you will get the death penalty.

2: TRESPASSING, TEXAS - Well it's Texas and they like their guns.

3: INSULTING THE KING, THAILAND - Thailand is an amazing country and the Thai people are just lovely. The devotion to the king is one of the things you will notice immediately when you visit.

4: KILLING A COW, INDIA AND NEPAL - Not surprising at all.

5: NOT CARRYING ID, JAPAN - They do not joke around. Japan quarantined their own citizens after they simply visited a country that had swine flu a few years ago.

6: EATING IN PUBLIC, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - This is referring to Ramadan, which is happening now. I can just imagine how cranky I'd be by the end of the day if I wasn't eating during the day. But being disrespectful of the faith in Muslim countries is not taken lightly.


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