Sunday, August 21, 2011

7 things I hate about travel

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This is a funny article with some great suggestions/solutions. Only the first 3 are serious, but it's worth taking a look at the full article. Here is the synopsis.

1. Too many other travelers.
Solution: First, don’t go in the peak season (typically, the summer months). Second, get up early or go late — if there is access to the sight at night, and it’s safe. Third, go somewhere off the beaten path. Instead of Italy, go toLebanon.
2. Touts.
Solution: Avoid eye contact, say no politely. And, if all else fails, try to sellthem stuff.
3. No public toilets and diarrhea.
Solution: Clean your hands often, and carry some loperamide on you at all times.

4. Delayed flights and missed connections.

Solution: Become rich and buy your own airline.

5. Visa fees.Solution: Haha. Dream on.
6. Jet lag.
Solution: So many solutions, but none are guaranteed to work.

7. Irish pubs everywhere.

: Please drink elsewhere.

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  1. #1 here is super important and always overlooked. Find out when the low season is for your desired location and see if you can go then. The weather might be hotter than what you are used to, but unless you have health issues with heat and humidity, you can handle it. Besides your skin will look great and you'll have a vibrant tropical glow about you.