Monday, May 1, 2017

JetBlue from Long Beach to San Francisco

I had a quick weekend trip to San Francisco on the first flight out from Long Beach, CA (LGB) to SFO on a Friday morning. The flight left at 6:50a. I was the last person on the plane and we pushed back 10 minutes early. By 6:50a we were at the end of the runway waiting for the flights to be able to takeoff at 7:00a.

The legroom on JetBlue is very generous and I was in the back of the plane. There are seats in the front that have even more legroom than this. 

The return flight to LGB from SFO was at 9:00a. At SFO JetBlue uses the international terminal A and it was busy with lots of people going all over the place.

Back in Long Beach and I deplaned using the rear door. I love deplaning using stairs because you get to walk under the wing or pretty close to it.

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