Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Amazing Conrad Maldives Rangali Island (lots of pictures)

Here is part 1part 2, and part 3 of my trip.

This is part 4 devoted to the Conrad Maldives. Getting to the resort by seaplane was definitely a unique flying experience. The Conrad consists of two islands for guests and one for the staff. There is a really long bridge connecting the two islands and in the middle of it is the seaplane arrival and departure platform. Our host greeted us and sat us down in the shade on the platform. There is an indoor lounge for those who want to get out of the heat. The staff brought around cold towels and fruit sorbet that was really refreshing. Our host walked us over to the water villa island to our room. We were in villa 346 which is at the south end of the island. It's the third from the last villa.

Our villa was amazing with unobstructed views and a jacuzzi on the terrace. There are large windows all over and the water is so clear that you can see fish without even going outside. Besides the day we arrived our days consisted of breakfast at Vilu, which was on the same island as our villa. Then get ready for the sun and pack the bag to go to the reef on the other island for snorkeling for a few hours. Then walk back to the villa and clean up. At 4:00p there was afternoon tea at Mandhoo restaurant which was back over by the reef. Then take the ferry boat directly to Vilu for happy hour at 5:00p. Go back to the villa to figure out dinner. Walk to dinner after sunset, because the sunsets from our villa were incredible around 7:30p. Then back to the villa and go to bed. It was the most relaxing time I have ever spent at a resort anywhere. 

walkway to villa 346

steps from the terrace right into the ocean

the jacuzzi had lights that cycled through different colors

this is the last villa on the island

both islands consist of sand walkways through what looks like jungle

there's a ferry that will take you from one island to the other

this is the overwater spa

this was a common scene with very little people around at all

these little birds have the largest feet

this is the view from the villa's terrace

this is the snorkeling beach

on our beach bag

at one of the restaurants they feed the fish and sharks every afternoon

that's me snorkeling
All of the underwater pictures were taken with my GoPro Session. I took a ton of pictures and videos but these are some of the best. 

the islands had a lot of active fruit bats all over the place and they are huge

happy hour at Vilu restaurant

afternoon tea time at Mandhoo restaurant

the bridge connecting the islands

artistic wall at Mandhoo

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