Sunday, July 22, 2012

Upcoming Itinerary: 5 countries in 10 nights

We are one week out from my next big trip to Southeast Asia. What's crazy is that I'll be in a different place just about every 2 days.

The flight itinerary is as follows:
LAX - Tokyo(Narita) on Singapore Airlines
Tokyo(Narita) - Bangkok - Phnom Penh on Thai Airways
Phnom Penh - Vientiane on Vietnam Airlines
Vientiane - Bangkok - Macao on Thai Airways
Hong Kong - Vancouver - LAX on Air Canada
for a total of 17,941 miles all booked using United Airlines miles...and the best part is that I don't even have to fly on United.

It seemed less crazy planning it all out than it seems now that I've written it all out like this. Yikes.

The hotels are quite exciting too:
Tokyo - Narita Hilton: 1 night
Phnom Penh - Raffles Le Royal: 3 nights
Vientiane - Ansara Hotel: 2 nights
Macao - Conrad Macao: 2 nights
Hong Kong - Conrad Hong Kong: 2 nights

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  1. Sounds so fun, tiring and VERY exciting all in one breath! I know I BETTER here from you before you leave =)