Monday, January 2, 2017

LAX to Atlanta and the Atlanta Marriott Marquis

At the beginning of December I had to be in Atlanta for a conference and flew on United Airlines from LAX via Houston. I arrived in time to visit the United Club and found that the new location had just recently opened. The entrance is just after security and is located a floor above. The views are great as there are windows all the way around. There is even a terrace.

View from the new United Club

This is my 737 to Houston

View from the exit row

The extent of the refreshments 

The flight to Houston landed at Terminal E and my connection was in Terminal B, so I headed to the airport train to change terminals. It was lunch time so I stopped and had Whataburger, which I had never had before.

My connecting flight was on United Express which are mainly flown out of Terminal B. Parts of the terminal have been renovated and are quite nice, but you still have to walk out to the jet at some of the gates, which is fine with me.
My CRJ-700 to Atlanta

When I landed in Atlanta it was dark so I didn't take any pictures. Once the luggage came out I took a Lyft to my hotel, the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. It is a really nice hotel that is very modern and huge. I've stayed at the neighboring Hilton before and the Marriott is way nicer. I was given a room on the 44th floor.

I had access to the lounge

This was the view down to the lobby from my floor

The view from my room looking toward midtown
My return flights were in the evening which made it difficult to take pictures. I flew from Atlanta to Denver and then to LAX.

View from the exit row on a 777-200
Legroom for days

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