Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weekend in Berkeley, SNA to SFO on United

At the beginning of March I attended a conference in Berkeley. I flew United from Orange County to San Francisco. I left Friday afternoon and returned Sunday evening. 

My flight up to San Francisco was on a CRJ 700, which is a plane I can't stand. The only good thing about flying this plane out of SNA is that they use gate 1, which requires passengers to walk out to the plane.

The flight zipped by and I found myself taking the BART to the east bay before sunset.

I had dinner with colleagues at a Chinese restaurant in Piedmont and I got this fortune, which I thought was funny.

I stayed at the Doubletree in the Berkeley Marina and this was my view. That's San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

On Sunday afternoon my flight back home left around 4:30p. The day before it had rained over 12+ straight hours and I was glad that there weren't any delays. 

This flight was also a United Express flight, but this time I was on an ERJ 175, which is a great plane. The overhead bins are bigger than the CRJ and the plane is wider. It doesn't feel like a small regional jet and feels like a regular singe aisle plane.

Here is my last pic of the flight before the sun light left. We are approaching the coast and Palos Verdes is visible here. 

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