Monday, September 14, 2015

So I Flew Around the World This Summer

This is a post solely about my flights this past summer that took me around the world. The routing for this trip was the following:

LAX to Tokyo Narita on a United 787-900 in business class
Tokyo Narita to Bangkok,Thailand on an ANA (All Nippon Airways) 777-200 in coach class
Bangkok to Paro, Bhutan on a Drukair A319 in business class
Paro to Kathmandu, Nepal on a Drukair ATR-42 in coach class
Kathmandu to Doha, Qatar on a Qatar Airways A330-300 in business class
Doha to Istanbul, Turkey on a Turkish Airlines A321 in business class
Istanbul to LAX on a Turkish Airlines 777-300ER in business class

Route Map
View from Row 1 at LAX
My forward view for 11 hours
Japanese meal selection

Breakfast before arrival in Tokyo
Our plane after arrival in Tokyo

ANA dinner en route to Bangkok

Drukair lunch en route to Paro, Bhutan
Approaching Paro
Paro Valley
Hugging the valley walls on arrival
Seconds from landing in Paro
Just about to land in Paro
Tiny terminal at Paro
Our Drukair A319 from Bangkok to Paro
Our Drukair ATR42 at Paro

Only 6 passengers on this flight to Kathmandu
Seeing the Himalayas en route to Kathmandu
Snack box on the short flight to Kathmandu

Mt. Everest en route to Kathmandu
Arrival in Kathmandu

Our Qatar Airways A330-300 in Kathmandu
Boarding was a chaotic mess
It's about to start raining

My seat for the next 4 hours

Somewhere over India

Qatari sunset
Arrival in Doha was slightly more civilized

View of Doha from the gate
View from row 4 on our Turkish A321 to Istanbul
Leaving Doha

Somewhere over Iran

Arrival in Istanbul
Our 777-300ER in Istanbul

My view for 13 hours from Istanbul to LAX
Super yummy welcome drink
Turkish delight


Electronic faux candle

Even more appetizers

Amazing meal
Coffee and tea service

Lunch before landing at LAX

I had an amazing trip around the world on 7 planes, 2 in coach, 5 in business class, to 6 different countries, on 5 different airlines, over the course of 12 days, for a grand total of 20,446 miles flown.

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