Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Recent Trip to Madison, WI

Here is a quick report from my recent trip to Madison for a conference. I had never been there before and the cold weather was shocking to my system. This is my 737 at Orange County airport that took me to Chicago.
My seat, 10C, had nice legroom in the economy plus section, but there was no window, which is torture for someone like me who likes to look out the window. On long flights I like to sit on the aisle though, hence why I sat on the aisle this time.
I had not been in United's terminal B in a million years and it looks just like terminal C, but it's more narrow. I ate lunch at Wolfgang Puck's here in terminal B.
Afterwards, I went to terminal C where my gate was. This is a shot of the psychedelic moving walkway complete with music.
My flight from Chicago to Madison was 28 minutes long. The flight was on a CRJ 700 so it wasn't the smallest plane. I was in the first row of economy and had a ton of legroom. The flight was so short that there was no service besides cups of water. The flight was so short, it was kind of ridiculous. 
Approaching Madison, there were lots of frozen lakes everywhere. Ugh!
I stayed at the Hilton Monona Terrace that is directly connected to the convention center seen in this picture. My conference was located there and it was nice not to have to wear my winter coat to the conference. A frozen Lake Monona is also seen here. It almost looks like a desert. 
Having spent 5 days near this frozen lake, I completely understand why people want to walk on top of these. But it's always the ones that go wrong that end up on youtube. There were a bunch of people on the lake fishing and skating. It's a foreign experience for a California native like me. 
Here is a shot of my plane on the return to Chicago. It was a gorgeous day and it might have reached the 50's, which was a welcome treat after several days in the 30s. 
I was actually upgraded to first class on this 28 minute flight. It was nice to have a large seat and my choice of drink, even though I ordered water. I think there was actually less legroom than the first row of economy.
This was my seat 7C on the return flight to Orange County from Chicago. There was a lot of legroom and my TV was on the wall, but I didn't use it at all though. 
Here is my view into the first class cabin. Unfortunately my dinner consisted of some overpriced chicken wrap that wasn't that great. 
All of these flights were uneventful and they really flew by because I was so enthralled in the book I was reading. 

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