Thursday, December 13, 2012

I fly the United 787

This was a flight from LAX to Houston Intercontinental on United's first 787. This plane is awesome. Here are some pictures that I took from the trip. This was the view from the terminal.
This is next to the door which is the second one back. There are three rows of business class seats both in front of and behind this set of doors.
This was seat 3E, my seat for the almost 3 hour journey. The seat was very comfortable with lots of space. The plugs behind on the left of this photo include a usb port and you can connect your iphone to the system and listen to it while it charges.
I think this is the largest screen on any TV on any plane I've ever seen. It was awesome. There is a little area below the TV to put books and things.

This was a postcard-sized information pamphlet that had all the information on 787 and the features that make it so different from all other jets.
This was my view from my seat and the size of the windows is evident here. I could see out of the windows perfectly from where I was seated.
All new planes have hiccups and this one thought it was going to London Heathrow. Even once we arrived the computer still showed the destination as London.
I love the lighting in this plane. Apparently the section up there houses the crew rest area. The irregularity in the overhead bins is noticeable here.
My cold plate with crudités, red wine, and green tea wasn't half bad. They also brought around warm scones which seemed a little odd for a post-dinner evening flight.
This is the view from the gate in Houston. It is such a beautiful plane with a humongous wingspan.

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  1. So sick :) seems like Boeing has really stepped up their planes. Sweet that you were on United's first plane :)