Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ghost Hunting on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

I had the most amazing opportunity to join our school's group who is studying the paranormal this week. We were guided by two investigators Erika and Matt from ParaXplorer Project. We met them in the Mauritania Room in the Queen Mary about 9:00pm. This room is near the bow of the boat and is located at the end of a very long hallway of rooms. It is a wide room that spans both parallel hallways. Matt set up  his laptop so that he could show us some information on the QM and some examples of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and ENPs (Electronic Noise Phenomena). During the presentation many of us were seeing shadows and hearing voices on the other side of the room. At one point during the presentation the doors to the hallway on the other side of the room made a rapping sound and then were shoved open. When this happened Matt ran over to the door and it wouldn't open and there was no one on the other side of the door. It was kinda crazy. Erika is a medium who has the ability to hear spirits' voices and she was telling us that a spirit named John was with us. He likes to play pranks and he was probably the one who messed with the door. Erika introduced us to a lot of the equipment used in paranormal investigating including the K2 meter, the Mel-meter, thermometers, and dousing rods. We actually had some of the students use the dowsing rods to "communicate" with John.
After the presentation we headed down to the indoor pool that was originally the first class pool. It supposedly has a lot of "activity" and its best-known spirit is Jackie who is a 7 year old girl who drowned in the pool during one of the QM's missions during WWII. Some trigger objects were placed in different places around the pool deck. There was a teddy bear on a table and some gumballs on the slide into the pool. Again we used the dowsing rods to try to communicate with any spirits that were near. Erika said that there was activity on the upper deck of the pool area, but I didn't notice anything. She asked Jackie if she could makes the lights flicker or anything like that.
Afte we were in that room for a while we made our way to the changing rooms. This is a hallway of cubicles next to the pool. Erika said that there is a portal there that the spirits use to pass between worlds. I have to admit that I was really scared to go in especially because I don't like the dark. I went into a cubicle with 3 of my friends and it became very warm. Being in this area made the students on edge. They were really scared. The lights were off and I've never experienced darkness the way I did like that. There was a point where it became even darker and everyone noticed that too. Erika said that the shadow people affect that. It occurred when she mentioned that a spirit named Antonio was with us. He was an Italian prisoner of war who was transported onboard and he was missing his legs. She said that Jackie was with us too. Eventually another spirit named Henry came along. He was a worker in the engine room and Erika described him to us when we were in the Mauritania room earlier. Some students reported a feeling like they were being touched or tingly sensations. I never felt anything unusual except being really warm because of the close proximity in the changing rooms. But as soon as I stepped out of the cubicle and into the hallway I felt much cooler.
We left the QM about 2 hours after we arrived and we were excited to see what kind of evidence we had obtained from pictures and audio recorders. The teacher who organized the excursion discovered several EVPs and some of them are really freaky. It's awesome that we were able to obtain such good evidence. I watch all of the paranormal ghost hunting shows and it was great to experience a taste of what these shows do every week.

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