Thursday, May 17, 2012

Travel Day: Do you know the way to San Jose?

But then why would one want to go there? I had a meeting to attend at a hotel/motel in Sunnyvale, which is like 5 miles from the San Jose airport.

Anyway, my Southwest flight from SNA to SJC was uneventful except for the takeoff from John Wayne airport. If you haven't flown out of this airport, you must at some point in your life. They have a noise abatement regulation that requires the jets to rev up and hold the brakes. Then they let go and the jet barrels down the runway, then when the plane hits 1000ft they pull back on the throttle and the plane levels out a bit. It's quite a rush.

So on today's flight we did the requisite rev-up and hold, then once we started our takeoff roll we must have only taken about 10 seconds before we were airborne. It was awesome. The takeoff was super strong and we were pushed into our seats. Thankfully, the flight was not full and no one sat next to me. One of the female flight attendants wore the strongest perfume and it was really flowery. Exactly 60 minutes later we landed at SJC. A funny coincidence was that our departure gate at SNA was 18 and we arrived at gate 18 in SJC. After a stop in the restroom and Starbucks it was time to find transportation to the hotel in Sunnyvale. Of course, I picked a sketchy-looking cab, which might be redundant, but 5 miles and $25+ tip later I was there. Ugh. I think this is where they filmed "My Name is Earl."

From the outside, it looks like a place that you might rent rooms by the hour. The inside is actually not that bad. At least the bedspread isn't an awful floral polyester disease-ridden death shroud.

There is an apartment complex next door and next to that is a liquor store, a Vietnamese Pho restaurant, and a 7/11. I walked down to the 7/11 to get myself some antibacterial wipes and some bottled water.

Now it's just a 24 hour trip, but most of it consists of sitting along a table with 11 students and 8 other advisors all night and day.

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