Thursday, May 3, 2012

Singapore: The Lion City - Part 3 - My Favorites

This is post 3 of 3 on Singapore. I am including mostly pictures because you can read all about Singapore in books and on the web. But I want to give you my scoop on places/things to see whilst there. 

This is the view from the Conrad. It looks down on the harbor and Merlion Park. 
This is another view from the Conrad. It is of the City Hall area. There is a huge field right in the middle as seen in this photo.
This is the merlion at Merlion Park. It's quite a touristy area, but it's free. You will see all kinds of merlion souvenirs in the shops and the airport as the merlion is the "mascot" of Singapore.
The Fullerton Hotel is an old-looking hotel, but it's not that old. I believe it was once the post office. I'm sure the views from the rooms are wonderful, but they don't come cheap.
This is Clarke Quay and you can take a very relaxing river cruise up and down it. You get a different view and it is interesting because they give you a lot of the history of the buildings and surrounding area. I love the colorful buildings. It is mostly restaurants and club-esque places.
This one highlights the marriage of old and new that is ubiquitous in Singapore.

I love this picture because it looks like the city is on fire. This is the view from the pool area of the Mandarin Oriental.
There is a Buddhist temple called the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It is quite new and it is located in Chinatown. It's a huge temple and you can walk all throughout it. It's also right down the street from a huge Hindu Temple. 
I love orchids and I think I get that from my grandma. The National Botanical Gardens, which is free, has a section tucked in the back of the park that is an orchid garden. They quite literally have thousands of different varieties. The tropical climate is perfect for growing them. It is a beautiful garden and well worth the extra price of admission. 

This is the Esplanade Theatres. It is a performing arts space and it looks like two giant durians, which are the really smelly fruit found throughout that part of the world. 
The Singapore Art Museum is really interesting and it's mostly modern art from the region. It is located in a very old former Catholic boys school.
The colors of Clarke Quay.
Chinatown is a must in Singapore and in every city around the world for that matter. Chinatown has great shopping and wonderful pedestrian streets where you can get really cheap souvenirs or whatever you want. There are also a ton of food places along the streets.
This is the Hindu Temple right in the heart of Chinatown and a few blocks from the large Buddhist temple.
I love all the red lanterns in Chinatown and every time I have been to Singapore it is usually the first place I go.

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  1. All of these photos gets me so excited about visiting! I so hope I get to go soon! I may have to change Singapore to my first choice for your 2 year anniversary trip...